What’s In My Bag

… the holiday edition. I’m rather surprised that I haven’t put one up yet before, as I love snooping around in others’ and am guilty of having WIMH bookmarked. So I thought to continue in the holiday spirit to show what I’ll be lugging around with me when boarding my flight. The bag I’ll be carrying is Prada —. I absolutely adore their bags as not only are they of impeccable quality, they are classic, simple and feminine at the same time. What I love most about this bag is that even though you can stuff it full, you’ll still look chic when strutting around.

In my bag I am carrying some cotton buds, pads and my in-flight beauty pamper kit, which I’ve split in two separate bags as it was too much product for one. My hot pink Michael Kors wallet, card pouch, iPhone 5 to listen to some music while having my pamper and reading from my Kindle. I’ve got a funny pink keychain from T-Mobile that basically splits up my iPhone headphone jacks, meaning I can listen to the music together with my sister. Each with our individual headphones (mines are the standard Apple headphones).

As I’ll catch an early flight, we’ll probably leave the house around 6 in the morning. No need (or time) for make up or perfectly brushed hair, hence I’ll be wearing a Cap together with some huge Sunglasses to hide my no-make-up face.

As ridiculous it may look, I’ll bring an array of Hand Moisturisers (L’Occitane, Heathcote & Ivory, balance Me.) with me and a Hand Sanitizer. You never know when you may need a lot. And this way I can have some options on scents and textures. I’ll bring loads of Kleenex with me and I like to chew on some Chewing gum when taking off. Somehow it just helps me to reduce the air pressure in my ears. To keep the pamper rollin’ I’ll have my Tweezerman Nail File with me for any tears and emergency nail touch ups, which is cabin friendly.

Besides that I’ll chuck my beloved Soap & Glory Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Fushiaristic in my bag, which is a lovely coral/pink tinted lip balm and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. Just in case I need some extra volume upon arrival. A girl’s gotta be prepared for any kind of (emergency) situation, I always say.

What’s in your bag?


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