balance Me. Skin-Quenching Body Collection

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of good sets. Ones that make my heart skip a beat are those especially for traveling, as I detest decanting my full size products in small tubs. I can justify all this because mini’s are just too cute and most of the time they are one heck of a deal too. When I got sent balance Me. Skin-Quenching Body Collection* just in time for my holidays, you could imagine that these were immediately tossed into my suitcase. Which is one of the smartest things I packed with me.

You might’ve seen what I’ve packed in my in-flight beauty bag, which was highly compact, but besides that I had a trunk load of skin and hair care. Quelle surprise. As always, I packed a bit lacking on the body side of products and these just came in very handy. balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream has been an old favourite of mine and was tossed into my handbag. I went to Asia, China and Hong Kong to be precisely, and those are very humid places to be in, resulting in the AC being on, always. You’d literally melt on the spot without it being on, but it results in having dry hands really fast. Also in the Super Moisturising line is their Body Wash. I’ve tried this one just a few times as I was rather put off by the smell of it. Though I love the herbal scent in their Hand Cream, it was just too heavy in the Body Wash. What I did like about it was that it kept my skin very moisturised, even if I forgot to apply body moisturiser.

On a happier note, I’ve completely fallen in love with balance Me. Rose Otto line. I’ve tried both their Body Wash and Body Cream and they smell amazing. It smells like roses (obviously) and it’s really calming and relaxing at the same time. Both products are very moisturising and the Body Cream is just a gem to apply. It’s the perfect consistency (not too thick, not too runny) and just is absorbed into the skin in seconds.

I highly recommend this set as it’s a great deal, even though I did not finish the Super Moisturising Body Wash. It’s also a great way to familiar yourself with the brand, if you haven’t already. All products are 98.8-99% natural and still affordable, which is a huge plus and one of the reasons why I like balance Me. so much.

What have you tried from balance Me.?