Not For Me’s

Testing. As a beauty obsessed person, I’m very guilty of trying a lot of products, where a selection of them are influenced by hypes around the Net. Everyone is different and some products may or may not work the way on you, as it does for others – I hope I’m still making sense here! So instead of naming it ‘disappointing’ I’m just calling it ‘not for me’. I still believe in most of these brands featured, it’s just that these particular products didn’t work the way for me it did for others…

Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser
I’m a huge Kiehl’s fan and have been for years. Their philosophy, branding, packaging… just everything is so me. I’ve tried this cleanser way back when I was still in high school (okay, that’s not that long ago) and the only think I liked was the colour and the smell of the product, which was a very calming and minty scent. It didn’t do anything for my skin, except for being very stingy in the eyes.

Lierac Diopti Calm Anti-Fatigue Eye Balm Mask
Well… with this being featured on many blogs and MUA kit’s, I snagged this one up when I still lived in Paris. It’s an eye cream and mask in one. While it promised to be de-puffing, refreshing, soothing and adding some radiance to the eye area, it didn’t do anything like that. I really wanted to love this, but I just can’t. The gel texture was easy to apply and quite cooling, but that was all there is to say.

Origins Modern Friction
I have quite a love/hate relationship with this, sometimes this rocks my socks and sometimes I hate its guts. Modern Friction is marketed as a gentle dermabrasion. I’ve had professional dermabrasion treatments before, so I was really excited to find an at-home alternative. Using Rice Starch to exfoliate, it really gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin feel as soft as a baby’s bum. All sounding lovely, eh. It’s just that sometimes when using this my skin will burn like crazy and not any kind of burn I’ve encountered while having it done professionally. I will still use this as a hand and feet exfoliator, but it’s in no way coming close to my face, ever.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold
Talking about a classic product gone viral, which is an understatement in this case. Chemical exfoliators are swooping the beauty world of its feet and they have every right to. Liquid Gold is a treatment that’s packed with Glycolic Acid, which is a great ingredient for products that claim to brighten and tighten. I mainly bought this to “get rid of” my hyper pigmentation and some enlarged pores around the nose area. Sadly for me, I haven’t noticed anything after using this diligently with its instructions. No minimising in appearance of pores, no fading of hyper pigmentation and no improvements the texture of my skin. Having read (and still reading) many positive reviews, I’m just bummed that this product did not work out on my skin it did on others.

Make Believe Colour
I’m a big Xen-Tan fan when it comes to fake tan and normally, I try to avoid gradual tans like the plague. That’s because I’m more comfortable applying fake tan when I actually can see how much I’ve been applying and where, to ensure a streak-free (and non oompa-loompa) result. Being already put off by the smell of this product (think: rotten, chemical strawberries), I still continued rubbing the product in with a tanning mitt before going to bed, like I do with all my tanning products. The smell was so strong that I could smell it the entire night and even when I woke up the next morning. Would you believe me that my sheets were reeking of them as well? I wish I could say it was worth the sleepless night, but it wasn’t. Streaky, orange legs and feet were my result and a smell that I could not get rid off. Scrubbing till my legs were red? Yep, that’s exactly what happened that night.

Which (hyped-up) products did not work out for you?