SAMPAR Cosmakeup Glamour Shot

With the “no make up” look being more and more popular and me trying to embrace my skin more, barely there make up is highly requested. And if skincare can help to cheat my way through, I’m in. All in. SAMPAR Glamour Shot Face and Eye are described to be the equivalent to your foundation and under eye concealer, but without a tint. Yes, hold that thought. 

As SAMPAR is a skincare brand, the products from their Cosmakeup range do fall into the skincare category. However, the effect of these products blur the line between skincare and make up and aid you to become a step closer to flawless looking skin. Glamour Shot Face is described as a transparent foundation that is suitable for every skin type and color. With their HQA microlens technology, it creates some sort of soft veil on the skin, minimises pores and reduces redness almost instantly. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to keep your skin hydrated. It comes in a tube with a pump, making it really easy to manage the amount of product you want to use.

As my skin is far from flawless, I tend to use this underneath any foundation or tinted moisturiser as it’s a brilliant primer. No tacky feeling, sinks in immediately and you won’t feel it on your skin. When I’m not out and about, I just pop this on and Glamour Shot Eyes and I’m still looking pretty presentable, grocery-shopping-appropriate and like a living human being. The packaging of Glamour Shot Eyes is identical to a ‘real’ concealer. The effect of the product is similar as the face variant and it also brightens the under eye area as well. It slightly minimises the appearance of dark circles in a way and definitely make them less puffy. Proud to say that this has replaced my under eye concealer quite a few times now. That without people noticing. Bam.

What do you think about SAMPAR’s Cosmakeup range?