The Next Chapter

Just wanted to let you know that I’m back from my vacation in Asia (more on that soon). Thank goodness I’ve scheduled in some posts in advance, as it was impossible to access Blogger and twitter because of censorship. The past few weeks I’ve been ‘secretly’ working on a project involving the next big step for my blog. You’ve guessed it right, a re-design. This is the first time I’m actually outsourcing this and the lovely Angelina had to look at all my sketches and rambles, which lead to the creation of my newest layout (which will be public soon). We’re only crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, so I’m expecting it to be up and running in a few days. Seriously can’t wait to show the new design to you guys!

This new look will go along side with a new place and name. That’s right, I’m moving to a new domain. While moving, I’ve decided that I won’t be writing under the name ‘RAVES ‘ND RAMBLINGS’ anymore and will continue under ‘9 OUT OF TEN’. This is purely because I can see my blog going to the next steps with this name and the meaning behind this name makes more sense to me (will explain it all once the new pages are up).

You will still be able to access my blog through the current link, as you will be redirected to my new domain: I hope you’re just as excited for the new look and next stage of the blog as I am. Write you soon, babes!


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