a big lover on everything Swedish – I love me some IKEA furniture, DAIM
chocolate. I wish my closet was filled with all things COS and &
Other Stories and I love all things that live and breathe simplicity. When
word got out that a Swedish brand released an electronic device to
cleanse with, I simply had to get it. FOREO LUNA is simply everything that I love so much about the Swedes. Everything and more.

The LUNA comes in 3 colours, which are separated per skin type. Pink for sensitive/normal skin, blue
for combination skin and white for super sensitive skin. It is made of silicone and has very soft bristles that are there to cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin. While cleaning it gives you mini vibrations to get rid of dead-skin cells and other nasties, leaving you with super smooth, soft and brighter skin – like you’ve just had a facial, but then every day. Because it removes dead-skin, your moisturiser and serums actually get absorbed into the skin better too.

I use this every day in my evening routine as my second cleanse (I first use cleansing oil to remove make up). It’s fine to use in the mornings too, it’s just that my morning routine is very rushed in order to get a few more minutes of sleep – if you get what I mean. What I like about the device is that it doesn’t require much added effort. You apply your cleanser the way you do normally, you wet the LUNA a bit and start massaging it on your skin. I use circular motions all over my face and take my time to give every ‘section’ of my face the same love. It automatically stops vibrating after 3 minutes so you can’t ‘over cleanse’ your skin. As it’s 100% waterproof you could even use this in the shower, if you prefer to cleanse your skin that way.

There are 2 modes on the LUNA, where the first one is for normal cleansing and the second one is their  anti-ageing mode. The difference is between the vibrations per setting (though you can customise these with the + and – buttons). I use the first setting to cleanse my skin and the anti-ageing mode to massage products into my skin. I find it works the best with clay and gel cleansers. This does not mean that you should put your balm cleansers aside, as I find when using the anti-ageing mode to massage the balm in and then using a muslin cloth to take it all off works very well too, resulting in the beautiful ingredients of the cleansing balm being absorbed better (which then results in glowy and baby-butt soft skin).

You might notice that your skin has a flush of red after using the LUNA, but that’s all good things. The vibrations also help with encouraging blood circulation, meaning more plump and tighter skin. I can’t stress enough how gentle this is on the skin, so don’t expect it to remove very dry patches, because it won’t and it shouldn’t! Even when used over blemishes with heads it doesn’t pop them (yes I know, sorry) and doesn’t irritate the skin at all. My skin has really become softer and smoother when using this  I’m not planning to stop using this anytime soon. Yes it is not the cheapest thing out there, but I see it as an investment. If you’re already spending loads on skincare, you might as well make sure it gets absorbed properly, while getting the results of a facial. You can get your soft, smooth, radiant skin LUNA at Selfdridges and from FOREO’s website.

N.B. This is not to be compared to a Clarisonic (I own the MIA) as this is different in many ways (for good and not for worse). 

What do you think of devices like FOREO LUNA?