It’s not.a.sponge*

… or maybe it is. When I got contacted by Maggie from not.a.sponge* to try some of their sponges, I was hesitant. With the array of beauty tools I already have and am using, could this be my next big thing? Well, they got me at natural, pure and Konjac. Yeah, I’m a softy. 

Konjac is a plant that has health giving properties and filled with loads of vitamins and minerals. It’s actually been used by the Japanese for over 1500 years for that reason! not.a.sponge* sponges are made out of 100% Konjac fibre, handcrafted all the way in South Korea. They have different types of sponges for different skin concerns – also including a body range. I’ve tried their In The Raw (face) and Volcanic Power Puff (body) and so far, so good.

When dried up, the sponges feel a bit rough and initially I was afraid it’d be very harsh on my skin, but it proved me all wrong. All you need is a bit of (warm) water to wet the sponge and rinse it till it becomes a big soggy. Massage in circular motions on the skin, slowly but thoroughly. Doing so it’ll stimulate blood flow and can dub as gentle exfoliation. As the sponge is so soft, it’s very easy to reach those parts of the skin that need extra care (sides of the nose, upper lip, chin, jawline). I would describe the feeling and texture of the sponge with a very gentle muslin cloth. But then with beautifying properties in it.

I use In The Raw in my morning routine, which prior to this only existed out of cleansing my face with water and then the array of lotions and potions. A 4th year Uni student trying to get some more sleep, okay. It preps my skin perfectly for the day ahead and it increase blood circulation while providing gentle exfoliation, making my skin look better in the long run. The reason why I prefer this to a muslin cloth is because it doesn’t require much effort. Make sure to replace your sponge every 2-3 months and boil it for 60-90 seconds in hot water, once a week to cleanse the sponge.

I’m not quite ready to say good-bye to my LUNA just yet, but this ain’t going no where either, as it’s becoming a firm staple in my more-beauty-blogger-esque-morning-routine. Did I mention the best part yet? All sponges come with a handy string, which you can use to hang them up to dry. See, no hassle at all. Maggie and Jane know their stuff, ya know.

Have you ever tried/heard of Konjac sponges and could you see yourself using it?