Starry Nights –
Super Gorgeous September #26

It might be an understatement when I say I have a nail fetish. My babe of a sister reminded me on the weekends what a ridiculous amount of polishes I have by auditing the entire stash. Results show how much of a hoarder I am and the money I’ve ‘invested’ in this collection is mind blowing. You’ve got to decide for yourself if that’s a good or a bad thing. Anyhoo, while scrummaging through all the bottles, I bumped into some long-hidden colours that I’d completely forgotten. Thanks, sis.

Though I love navy on my nails, I’m not the biggest fan of (bright) blue polishes that was until I had Barry M Indigo. Being affordable and a gem to apply, the finish is just gorgeous and the blue is a definite pop of a colour. It is very flattering on my skin tone and the only pitfall is that it chips rather fast, though that’s easy-pease resolved with one coat of Seche Vite. As I felt a bit bored, I used a dotting tool to put some random dots on my ring and index finger. Ciaté makes one of the greatest polishes, where Sand Dune 085 definitely is one of them. So that’s it, the starry night look. Sorted.

What’s on your nails?