Topshop Lipstick Crystal

Topshop has proven to be good both in designing clothes and creating make up. I have to admit that I was rather late to the Topshop make up party, but the important thing is that I’ve joined. The only things I’ve tried so far are their lipsticks, which are amazing. Today we’re talking Crystal. It might look slightly horrifying for some, but it is so different when applied. In a bloody good way. 

In the bullet it looks like a chemical pink with hot pink glitters, but is nothing like that on the lips. Somehow it transforms in a beautiful, sheer rosy pink with the slightest hint of glitter that brightens up your entire complexion and teeth (score!).

There is a slight scent to the lipstick, which I can’t really place, but reminds me of a Jo Malone Citrus fragrance. This colour would be suitable for all skin tones and most probably everyone’s taste, as it can go on very sheer for a rosy lip and very heavy for a pop of pink. The lipstick stays on for at least 6-8 hours and as it leaves a stain on the lips, you won’t look washed out or like a girl who needs a desperate touch up after a bite, cuppa tea or your Venti Americano.

Which Topshop make up products do you recommend?