Trying Something New –
Super Gorgeous September #13

As a beauty obsessed person I sometimes just can’t help myself from not buying and trying (new) beauty products. If I was able to refrain myself, I probably would’ve had a very impressive savings account balance. Though, I’m completely happy how I am right now, testing all kinds of cool beauty bits, however my skin may not agree with it all the time. Trying all kinds of new skincare and make up products have aggravated my skin and caused a massive break out, located very un-charmingly on the cheeks and chin. Marvelous.

While I’m trying to keep those spots at bay with Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, hyper pigmentation and redness is another problem I’ve been dealing with. Having read many things about HealGel, I decided to try it out and see if it’ll help clearing my skin up. I have only be trying this out for a week or so and have yet to really see major improvements, but still keeping my hopes up. After all it’s been created by a team of doctors and surgeons. Gotta be good stuff. 

Which product have you been testing out lately?