Udo’s Oil

After having worked in the Beauty Industry for over 9 months, I can say that I’ve become more knowledgeable and cautious regarding buying new beauty products. No longer will I just buy things just because a famous blogger has reviewed it marvellously or when it’s been featured in ELLE or VOGUE. Nope. Now I am very conscious whether a product is packed with nasties, whether it’s organic, natural and what exactly is on the ingredient list, both regarding beauty and health.

I’ve stressed many, many times that treating your skin from the outside is not enough and it’s very important to be conscious of what you eat and put inside your body. Today I’d like to stress out a product I’ve been testing for a good 8 weeks, which is Udo’s Oil. Not only does it have great benefits for your body, it’s a great addition to your beauty routine, too.

What makes Udo’s Oil so special is that it’s packed with Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6 and Omega 9. When using this daily on a long-term basis, you’ll be a step closer to improved skin, hair and nails. Because of all the acids, you’ll have more energy, your skin will recover, it’ll boost your immune system and supposedly, you should have better concentration and a sharper focus. The latter I haven’t noticed, but the other points, they’re spot on. 

I’ve noticed that my skin was less thirsty for moisture, my skin was more plump and if I had spots, they were less inflamed and less angry. The biggest difference I noticed was when I was on holiday where I didn’t bring Udo’s Oil with me. My break outs became very aggressive, painful and there were some flaky bits around my nose and brow area – even when it was very humid. All I could see were big, red and angry bumps. Once returned back to my regular, packed with my Essential Fatty Acids routine, everything calmed down slowly.

Yes, you’ve to get used to adding a few tablespoons of oil each time, but you’ll get used to it soon enough. I like to add a spoon to my morning smoothie, porridge and always drizzle some on leafy greens and salads. Besides that you can put it on any kind of food you want to. Do keep in mind to drizzle it on prepared food and not to cook with it, as the delicate omega oils will be destroyed when you do so.

You can take supplements if you are not comfortable with adding spools of oil directly on your food, but do take into account that the amount you take is way lower and the Omega 3, 6 oils in there are non-essential as they can be made by the body. With the results I’ve seen and noticed on my skin I definitely would encourage you to take part in their ‘6 Week Challenge’ where you can get £3 back at the end of the period, when you’ve submitted your feedback. Don’t forget to increase your lifestyle with many, many fish-y dishes too! All the more reason for sushi and sashimi.

Do you take any supplements?