And Then There Were Figs

When the likes of Laura Mercier create nice, fig-y scented products, you obviously spend money to buy them. Laura Mercier is deep in my heart for many reasons 1) I love their philosophy behind ‘Flawless Face’ 2) I’m hooked on their make up range and 3) Their scents and body range are simply brilliant. Today I’m highlighting the latter. Laura Mercier‘s Eau Gourmande line simply will meet everyones’ noses with their Vanilla, Crème de Pistache, Crème BruléeAlmond Coconut Milk and Fresh Fig range. I’ll tell you this: I’m completely smitten with their Fresh Fig range. Obviously.

As a big lover of fig scented products (I swear by Diptyque Figuier and Philosykos), Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Eau Gourmande is one that does not disappoint in all aspects. The scent is not full-on fig, but is combined with juicy citrus notes blended with apricot nectar and ylang-ylang added for sensuality. vanilla, sandalwood and fig are the base notes, which you’ll smell all day. This combined makes it a very soft and pleasant smell, even for those that are not really fig lovers, as I know you either love it or hate it. Because of the vanilla, it’s sweeter thus it makes it easier for your nose to adapt to. Wearability of the perfume is high, though it doesn’t really last all day long. Probably good for an hour or 4-5.

The Fresh Fig set also comes in a Bath, Body Wash, Body Soufflé and a Hand Cream, which I picked up as well. I’m a big hand cream junkie and having it in this delicious fig scent is just heavenly. The scent lingers on to your skin for a very long time and the cream is very moisturising, it’s easy to apply and it’s absorbed into the skin very quickly (meaning: no sticky fingers on keyboards and smartphones). What I like to do is to apply the hand cream on the inside of my wrist, let that sink in, before I spritz on the perfume, to intensify the fragrance.

Have you ever tried Laura Mercier’s body products and what were your thoughts on them?