BECCA Foundations

Bases have always been seen as the most important asset in my stash and I doubt that ever will change. Be it sheer, light, medium or full coverage – I have it all and gotta catch ’em all. So when I heard through the grapevine that BECCA had some rather interesting bases, I had to try check them out. So far, Radiant Skin Satin Finish and Matte Skin Shine Proof Foundation have knocked my socks off. And they really should start make shorter product names… *phew*

BECCA is a cult-Aussie brand, loved by both makeup artists and beauty lovers. They’ve recently relaunched in Europe and are available through Space NK, both in-store and online. Both foundations have medium (and very buildable) coverage and despite the thick texture, they’re very easy to blend with either fingers or a brush. The best thing is that while having good coverage, you won’t feel that you have anything on your skin – it’s that light. Radiant Skin Satin Finish gives, like the name suggests, gives a radiant and satin-veil finish, whereas the Matte Skin Shine Proof gives a natural, (not overly fake) matte finish. 

Both are very wearable and great for when you don’t want to look you’ve got loads of make up on, while still having decent coverage. With one layer it mutes most redness on the skin, though it doesn’t cover blemishes entirely – we’ve got concealer for that. If I’m wearing Radiant Skin I need to blot a few times throughout the day, while Matte Skin stays put all day long. It’d say it’s almost scentless and doesn’t have any perfume smell to it (e.g. unlike YSL and Chanel foundations). Both foundations are sweat proof and very long-lasting (8 – 10 hours) on my combination/oily skin. I’ve worn both (accidentally) to the gym right after Uni. *slaps on wrist* But all for the sake of the review of course, so yes: believe me when I say they stay on all day.
I’m very impressed with the colour range of their foundations (18 shades) and there should be one that matches your skin tone. I’ve got both in Nude, which is perfect for me during summer or when I’m still a bit tan. Right now I can still pull this shade off as it’s really easy to blend in (or I just mix it with a lighter colour when I’m lazy), but I think I’d be Buff when I’m ‘palest’. I’m saving up Radiant Skin Satin Finish for when I have better skin as Matte Skin Shine Proof has my preference at the moment, just because with my current blemishes-attack I need something that has coverage and stays matte for the entire day so I’m sure that the light won’t catch the odd texture and blemishes on my skin. And it saves me the hassle from blotting between classes. Score!

Have you ever tried BECCA foundations and what were your thoughts?