HealGel Intensive

Flawless skin. Don’t we all long for that? It’s rather impossible to have spotless skin, no discolouration, hyper-pigmentation or scars, so any help a skincare product could give is rather tempting. I’ve been testing out a few things lately and the only one that rolled out as something that I’m rather loving is HealGel Intensive. Formulated by a team of the worlds finest plastic and cosmetic surgeons, combining liposomes with powerful peptides and biodynes to soothe the skin and boost the collagen process – it just baffled me and won me over with the fancy words, so I caved.

My skin has always been in and out the acne-roller coaster and post-ride it would always leave those pesky hyper-pigmentation spots that just wouldn’t fade. There are 2 spots that are rather dark and never seem to budge with any kind of serum or treatment I put on, so I had nothing to lose by trying another one. While rubbing massaging the treatment onto the spot (a tiny bit goes a long way) for 2 weeks, I saw that it gotten a bit smaller and it was less dark. And that even on discolouration that had been there for a long time. As it’s not a ‘fresh’ scar, it does take a bit more time and patience, but I noticed that it works really well on those that just erupted as well. My mum accidentally gotten some hot ash from incense on her cheek, which became a wound and shortly after a tiny red scar. While she was gently applying the treatment onto the scar, it slowly started to heal and right now it’s almost gone – that after 3 weeks. Besides working on hyper-pigmentation, it claims to relieve bruising, swelling, diminish redness and resolve problems on rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and sunburns.

I love the packaging, the pump is perfect for dispensing the product as you can get the tiniest amounts, so you don’t have to waste any product. Though they say it’s lightly fragranced, I don’t really smell anything, which works for me as well. I apply this (as a spot treatment) twice a day, after my toner and before any oils/moisturiser. It’s non-greasy, which are the words I look in as a combo skin gal, but just makes sure the product is absorbed completely before you continue with the ‘next phase’ of your routine.

A little note to those that are dealing with acne at the moment, I found that because it’s so concentrated, I’d get small bumps on my face if I’d applied it where a blemish was active/erupting. It’s perfectly fine on acne-prone skin, in my case I just wait till the blemish is completely gone (if the bump has gone flat) before I apply this. My mum, who is not acne prone and has mature/very sensitive skin, had no problems whatsoever.

Is HealGel Intensive something you’d try?