Isabel Marant pour H&M

I’m sure you guys are sick of reading and seeing posts about the latest designer collaboration for H&M, which is the ever so parisian-chic brand Isabel Marant. I’ve been loving her pieces and following the brand for 3 years now and love it to pieces. She’s been an amazing innovator in the industry making the sneaker wedge and oversized sweaters chic and cool. You’ve got to understand my enthusiasm when word got out Isabel Marant would be the next H&M capsule collection designer. Though there have been mixed words about the collection that will hit the stores and online on 14 November, I’ve got no bad things to say. I mean… have you seen that jacket, that wooly cardigan and the tailored coat? Yep, definite must-haves for this season in my books. Fingers crossed that H&M won’t have a service failure again. 

Which pieces speak to your hart from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection?