Just In: Oh-Lief

(End) of October is the transition month for me, to go from summer to autumn. I go through my stash and switch out quite a few products to provide the extra moisture my body longs for. Oh-Lief is actually a brand that I just came across recently. A South-African brand that has a range of all natural, organic body and lip products? Yep, just right up my alley.

I was most excited to try out their Natural Body Oil in Green Rooibos. We all know I love all things natural, I’m (slightly) obsessed with oils and Rooibos happens to be one of my favourite teas – what more could I ask for. It’s a blend of the purest organic oils, where coconut, olive and avocado are the main oils, which makes it so nourishing for the skin. I’ve tried it on my arms and legs and found that besides adding moisture it also made my skin looking smoother, if that makes sense. It comes in a spray, which makes it very easy to dispense the product. The oil sinks in immediately as you massage it onto the skin and  you can smell the coconut oil very slightly (you’ve really got to sniff it).

If you’ve read my October Favourites post, you know that I’m a bit of a hand cream junkie. My hands just tend to get super dry, so I always carry a hand cream with me, wherever I go. Oh-Lief Natural Olive Hand Wax is more to have on your desk. It’s a hard wax made from olive, grape seed, avocado and apricot oil to just name a few and it smells like olive oil. As it’s a hard wax, it takes a bit longer to warm up, but once it does, it turns into an oil. Very nourishing, sinks in immediately and great for everything actually. If you’re very lazy (like I am sometimes) you can also rub the back of your hands and fingers on the wax directly, which saves you some hassle. Do make sure your hands completely clean – you don’t want any unnecessary bacteria swimming in there.

Besides loving hand creams, I have a weakness for lip balms. I’ve tried their Natural Lip Balm in Grapefruit, which does not smell overpowering at all. You can smell a slight hint of grapefruit when in the tin, but that’s it. Just like all their products I’ve tried, it’s packed with beautiful organic oils (olive, grape seed, coconut, grapefruit oil) and turns into a liquid once you touch it – great for under lipstick or just as a balm on its own. It’s a no-brainer I’ll be slapping these on like nobody’s business.

Have you ever heard of Oh-Lief?