The Post-Hair Removal Gem

Body hair removal must be one of the most unglamorous beauty topics to talk about, right below pimple popping, yet very necessary to do. I know people say you shouldn’t touch a blemish, I just can’t help it if a whitehead keeps staring at me… Anyhoo, coming back to hair removal: it’s a pain, both literally and figuratively spoken. Shaving for me is a waste of time, hence Epilator became a good pal of mine over the years. Post-epilating situation mostly is: red, itchy and irritated skin. Oh and don’t forget the ingrown hairs. Sound familiar? Well, I think I’ve found a cure for that. Sort of…

Shaveworks The Cool Fix is an aqua blue gel that feels and smells very refreshing, which you should apply post-hair removal. I don’t shave, so I couldn’t tell you if it’d help after shaving, but it definitely works after using the epilator. I smooth it over my legs and armpits (I told you it was unglamorous) and leave it to dry. It sinks in really fast and soothes the skin immediately. I’ve noted that I got less ingrown hairs each time I use this compared to when I don’t. The good thing is that you don’t really feel that you’ve put something on your legs (or wherever) and it isn’t sticky. Just make sure you wash your hands after application.

Originally it was sold as a post-shaving gel for men, but when I spotted this at Space NK I had to have it. Edit: Shaveworks is actually a female sub-brand from Anthony. Personally, I think this is brilliant for girls that have the same troubles with hair removal. Redness, itchiness and irritation: be gone! 

What do you use post-hair removal?