5 Product Face

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge beauty lover, but sometimes I have those lazy days and then for me: less is more, in the sense of doing less is better or well… you know what I mean. We all know that faking the eau naturel look is incredibly difficult and takes lots of effort when compared to, let’s say, the ‘cake face’, but I managed to find no less than 5 products that can prep me for those lazy days and be public worthy at the same time.

First off: base. Foundation for me has always been one of the most important make up products, as it can make or break your look. As you might know, I’ve been struggling with breakouts, thus need something that will give me decent coverage while still looking radiant and natural. And that’s exactly what BECCA Radiant Satin Finish Foundation does. Giving you the needed coverage with a satin veil finish and that doesn’t melt off your face at the end of the day. I’ve reviewed this foundation in a previous post, where I get all nitty gritty with the formula et al.

To cover up those pesky dark under-eye circles, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Sand does an incredible job. Just a tiny bit will cover up whatever my foundation missed to conceal. What I like about the concealer is that it doesn’t crease into fine lines nor does it melt away during the day. For brows, I just apply some Anastasia Tinted Eye Brow Gel in Espresso. Because it’s tinted it doesn’t require any pencil or powder to fill it in. I just love it and I go through the end of my brows a few times to add some colour and definition, which only takes me a minute.

I’ve got really dry lips in the mornings, so I always make sure I put a nice layer of NUXE Rêve du Miel Baume Lèvres on my lips for a nice and moisturising base. It’s petroleum and mineral oil free (it’s made of honey) and leaves a matte finish so your lip product won’t slip away. BECCA Beach Tint in Raspberry has been doing both the job as a lip and cheek stain wonderfully. A little goes a long way and Raspberry is a gorgeous plum/berry shade – perfect for autumn, which stains the lips beautifully and adds that innocent ‘I ain’t wearing blush’ look to seal it off. 5 product face? Sorted.

What’s your 5 product face?