Bathing in Coca Cola

While some kids wondered how to master an airplane, I was one of those kids who wondered how it would feel if you had to shower in Coca Cola. Hypothetically, of course. Sadly, I never got the chance to test it out (my mum is kind of a neat freak) and had to grow up with a big question mark through life. Okay, maybe a tad exaggerated, but I’m sure everyone did wonder how it would be like to shower yourself in a fuzzy drink. And I think I found my answer after 20 freakin’ years. Thank goodness Anatomicals know their stuff by adding the best from both worlds: slapping on Cola without the stickiness. I promise you’re gonna like this one.

Anatomicals is a brand I find hilarious, not because they’re ridiculous, but because of their smart and witty product names. I mean… Who would think about or even dare to name their product The Showering Inferno Hot and Fiery B-Movie Body Cleanser. Brilliant.

When you squirt the product out, it’s a strawberry pink gel that smells like Coke (I’m talking the liquid kind you drink up, not the one you sniff through your nose). It’s not overpowering sweet and once you lather it on your body, it starts to smell really zesty and acts really uplifting and refreshing. I love using this after my work-out and I can imagine it’d be great for those morning showers. It doesn’t  leave you smelling like Coke (or anything) and is surprisingly nourishing – no uncomfortable tight feeling afterwards. So question answered and this is definitely a products that’ll stay in my bathroom for a while. Don’t ask me why, but somehow the tube reminds me of Mc Donalds… Right. I’ll shut up now.

Have you ever tried anything from Anatomicals before and what were your thoughts?