Current Skin Saviours

When my skin basically got completely bonkers, I had to go back to basics with my skincare routine. Meaning: only natural products, no added night treatments and it had to be something French. Why? Because when I was living in Paris, only natural and French pharmacy products touched my face and that was when my skin looked it best. So after almost emptying my entire bank balance, I’m finally on the good track to clear(er) skin.

The reason for my break outs was completely hormonal, which made it so hard to manage. My skin looked (and felt) like mountains – bumpy and coarse. I felt ridiculous and so awkward around people. The first thing I did was researching what could help me detoxify my body from the inside and something that was recommended on tons of websites was Burdock Root. Burdock (Arctium Lappa) is used to improve liver function in order to remove toxins and it purify the bloodstream. As it’s rather hard to buy Burdock over here (they do sell it in Asian supermarkets) I went for the easy way and got supplements. They sell a lot of kinds and I just got the only one they had. As it’s cleaning from within, my break out did get a bit worse in the first week, but after taking it religiously for 6 weeks I can definitely say that my break out has reduced so much and it’s less inflamed.

Of course I can’t say that it’s the Burdock that did it all, it was all accompanied by new skincare products as well. I had to buy new products as I didn’t have anything specifically targeted towards acne, so I went ahead and ordered the toner with a Caroline seal on it: La Roche-Posay Serozinc. It’s a spray toner that contains zinc to cleanse and soothe the skin. I love spraying this on after squeezing out a blemish, as I feel it ‘closes’ the spot better so it won’t get irritated. Moisturiser wise, I got the Bioderma Sébium AI. It’s a very light moisturiser that helps targeting spots and I find it really helped a lot with minimising the inflammation of the blemish. The first few times I applied this, my face felt like it was burning. It might sounds scary and strange, but it was the burning that actually helped. It was basically purifying my skin and it left my skin very moisturised and didn’t strip or dry my skin out at all.

Before my moisturiser I apply OV Naturals Tea Tree Purifying Organic Facial Oil to soothe my skin and let the Tea Tree do its job. I normally would not recommend patting Tea Tree all over your face as it’s quite a harsh and drying oil. However, OV Naturals managed to make such a delicate blend of organic and natural oils which make the product very nourishing and calming on the skin. I’ve started using these products almost simultaneously (every day and night), so I can’t say which product has done what, as I think they all did an impeccable job. The best of everything is that all products mentioned are budget-friendly and won’t kill you or your bank account. I can’t say that my skin is perfect or spot free (yet!), but I’m getting there and hopefully that’ll be before the holidays!

Which products are your skin saviours?