Just In: Japanese Skincare

If you’ve read my holiday haul post, you know I can get quite excited whenever Asian skincare is involved. Not only are they good quality and affordable, they know what my skin is craving for and maybe the fact that it’s basically impossible to get in Europe adds the ‘want’ factor to it. I particularly am in love with Japanese skincare with their great technologies. And if we all are honest, those Japanese girls are the fairest of ’em all.

As flying to Asia would not fit in my current time schedule (nor in my budget), I asked my aunt to take the two products I’ve been obsessing over on her way back home – a serum and a moisturiser.

The serum is from HARUHADA Vitamin C Activator, which claims to encourage cell growth and that’s basically all that I could find on the packaging. It’s a very watery serum, which doesn’t feel silicone-ish on the skin and it works well under make up. I have just used this twice, so can’t say whether it’s effective or not. JUJU COSMETICS Aqua Moist Vitamin C Cream is a gel-based moisturiser and texture wise it’s very smilar to Clinique’s Moisture Surge. Very lightweight and claims to whiten and brighten the skin. With all the hyper pigmentation I’ll be facing, I’m putting my faith in these two bad boys. Will keep you posted!

What are your experiences with Japanese skincare?