My Christmas Wish List


It’s the end of November already, and it’s the time where I allow myself to get excited about Christmas – what I should give others and what I would like to receive on my favourite holiday of the year. So here it is, my (rather cheeky) wish list for Santa. Obviously some of the things in here are a tiny bit expensive, but hey, Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money after all, right?

With Uni adding quite some stress to my daily life, I need every bit of relaxation I can get. As Yoga isn’t really an option time-wise, I remember that I loved Therapie Restore Aura Spray (1), which was my desk staple when I was still working in beauty PR. I always tend to put one fragrance on my list each Christmas, and this year Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 (2), has gotten my vote. A fragrance that smells different on everyone? I’ve got time for that. To end my rather Cult Beauty inspired wish list, is Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller (3) which I’ve been wanting for ages. It’s a jade roller that increases blood flow, eliminating puffiness and also removes toxins build-up around the chin and jaw line, i.e. minimising (under-the-skin) spots.

The first very cheeky product on my wish list is the iPad Air (4) I know it’s a bit ridiculous to ask Santa for such thing, but you never know till you try. I’ll be commuting awful hours starting from January next year, and an iPad would just make my life so much easier as I can tap away on my way home. My watch is one of my most beloved items, 1) because I just love the vintage-look of it and 2) because it’s so much easier to look at your watch, rather than trying to find my phone at the bottom of my bag. While mine still works fine, I’d love to switch it up every now and then and the Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky 21mm (5) just caught my eye. It’s petite, sophisticated and I simply just love the design.

As a major lipstick lover, I had to put something in from one of my favourite brands, the NARS Promiscuous Lip Coffret (6). The set contains four mini Matte Lip Pencils and one mini Velvet Gloss Pencils and it’s one of my favourite sets I’ve seen. The pouch that comes with it is also a huge plus, as I’ve always got one in my bags. Talking about bags, I’ve been looking for a bag that looks sophisticated can handle some weight – I need to fit in at least a water bottle, agenda, wallet, card pouch, make up bag, notebook, pencil case and Kindle. Being on the hunt for a proper bag for quite some time now, I haven’t found one yet, until I spotted a Michael Kors Bedford Dressy Tote (7) on my Instagram feed, and the rest is history. And because no Christmas is complete without candles, I’m hoping that Santa will feel quite generous and gift me the Diptyque 50th Anniversary Gift Set (8), which contains of 5 candles – Thé, Jasmin, Baies, Figuier and Ambre. Believe me when I say that Diptyque makes the best candles ever – I’m telling you: burning money never smelled so good.

To keep the Christmas spirit up, I’ll be posting a series of Christmas gift guides throughout next week. As I know that picking Christmas gifts for others can sometime be a bit tricky, however it does give me the greatest amount of joy, maybe even more than receiving a gift myself (I said maybe!) – especially if they love it. So to make your life easier and inspire you what to ask Santa, the guides will be separated in 3 posts: gifts for your Mum, Dad and friends (e.g. stocking-fillers).

What’s on your Christmas wish list and have you started shopping for Christmas gifts?