The Bold(er) Brow

While in Summer I prefer to have my brows done ‘eau naturel’, in Autumn I feel rocking a bolder brow. I’m not talking Cara Delevingne-esque brows, because I would totally look like a wild boar gone wrong. Bold in my books is having more defined brows and maybe a tad darker. For as long as I can remember I’ve been struggling with my brows, and as I got older (and my palette, knowledge in beauty got more sophisticated) I discovered some staples along the way. I’m telling you, my brows would be lost (and super messy) without.

The first step towards bolder brows is shaping them. Now I ain’t no pro, but I do know that that’s where the tweezers come in. Although my beloved Tweezermans can’t do no wrong, my current favourite is the Shavata Heart Tweezer. Besides the very cute and compact design, which is great for travelling and on-the-go, the compact it comes with doubles up as a magnified error for extra precision and perfect when you realised you missed a hair when you’re out and about. What not to love…

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso –
My first ever brow product and one that I’ll keep on repurchasing fo sho. It’s super simple to use as it’s already tinted (and very pigmented!), and with just a few swipes you’re done. Espresso is their darkest shade offering and the perfect match for my natural brow colour. It dries almost instantly and stays put the entire day – no smudging or simply disappearing with this hero.

Pixi Brow Duo in Medium –
As featured on the blog before, I quite like this Pixi brow offering, as it has a wax on one end and a (sheerly) tinted gel on the other. The wax is a neutral tone and just the right formula: not too soft, not too hard. With the wax you can fill in your brows very easily and then brush through your brows with the gel a few times to fix the shape. The gel does take a bit longer to dry compared to Anastasia’s offering, but the important thing is that it fixes the look so it ain’t budging no where.

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette in Foxy –
If you really want to get a bold brows, HD Brows come to your rescue. With a massive following consisting of make up artists, celebrities and beauty lovers in general, this brow offering is one you’ve got to have in your stash. With 4 colours in each palette you can mix your way and get the right shade to fit your brows. After all you want to fill them in and not give them a dye-job. The powders are highly pigmented, so make sure you use the tiniest amount to avoid the “drag queen brow look”. Unless you fancy that, then go ahead and dive in.

How do you like to have your brows?