All Good Things Come In Pink

When Homeoplasmine made its first appearance in the BeautyMart halls, it made its first appearance on my to buy list. Surely a lot of products enter my to buy list (on a daily basis even), but a multi-purpose cream that would perhaps even beat my beloved NUXE lip balm and something that’s been dubbed the pharmacy version of the cult Eight Hour Cream? Now those words intrigued me. What can I say… Once a product is on my radar, I’ve got to have it.

I’ve been using Homeoplasmine for at least 3 months now, and I’m hooked. It’s such a great balm for everything actually. Originally designed to soothe irritated skin, it’s been a great ointment to use on my cuticles, lips, brows and on eczema (it’s a seasonal thing, I always get eczema on my hands when it starts getting colder).

Not necessarily my go-to handbag product, but definitely something that’s always on my desk and my bedside table. It’s a very thick balm, thicker than EHC, so a little goes a long way. It’s transparent and when applied it leaves a natural, matte finish. I love using this for my brows and lips in particular. Not quite sure whether this has replaced my NUXE Rêve du Miel just yet (I love that stuff), but it certainly became a daily staple.

What are your thoughts on multi-purpose balms?