Ancienne Ambiance Reed Diffuser

Merry Christmas y’all! I thought I’d write about something else than beauty to keep the Christmas spirit up (yeah… I don’t really see a correlation either, working on that). Although it is quite rare for me to talk about home or lifestyle products – yes, I know 95% of my blog is about beauty – I really enjoy the company of gorgeously home-scents and room decorations. Ancienne Ambiance is a brand I’ve used ever since I lived in London after I had tried their soaps (I love to put in my closet between my clothes) and recently they launched a range of Reed Diffusers. With my previous experience of their products, I kinda expected already that they wouldn’t disappoint me in any way.

Personally I love reed diffusers as they’re basically like candles, but they don’t require fire so you don’t have to worry having it in your room all day long. I either work from home or have long days at Uni, so when I do come home, I’d like my room to smell nice and invigorating, which is why I love the Ancienne Ambiance Reed Diffuser so much. I’ve got the scent Ambra, which is a peppery, dry and aromatic scent that is inspired by the Ambergris resin – the perfect Christmas scent. If peppery scents ain’t your thang, they’ve got Cedrus, a warm and spicy cedar wood fragrance, and Damask, which is a must-have for all rose lovers (me, me, me!).

What makes it different from other reed diffusers is that besides looking dashing in your (living) room, it is made out of natural fragrances so they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that many cheaper alternatives do have. Each bottle is 100ml, which should last you around 3-4 months. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

Do you use reed diffusers?