Give Me a Cuppa

Tea is one of my favourite (hot) drinks, not only because it smells fantastic, but also because of the health benefits it has. Now I’m not talking about the packs of Twinings tea (I do love my Lemon & Ginger and Lady Grey),  but about tea that is brewed from dried tea leaves. As China is one of the best places to get quality and different kinds of tea (I may or may not be a bit biased), I’ve stocked up on different types of teas when I visited this summer. There are a gazillion sorts of teas which are separated in different categories, where each kind has its own health and beauty benefits. And, errr… when I say different I’m not talking about the different kinds of fruits that are infused in your pyramid-like teabag.

Green Tea
Probably one of the most ‘on trend’ drinks is green tea. With its high level of antioxidants it’s great for your skin and body. It also aids in weight loss as it flushes out toxins and acts anti-inflammatory. If you’ve got some tea left over, wet a (cloth) and use it as a sheet mask on your face for a few minutes. It acts very calming and green tea is proven to slow ageing as well.

Black Tea
There are many types of black teas, but my favourite is Pu Er. Black tea is more oxidised than other types of tea, hence it’s very rich in flavour and high in caffeine – perfect to switch your morning coffee with. One cup of black tea has about half the amount of caffeine in a cup coffee.

Besides the taste and the caffeine in black tea, its got many health and beauty benefits as well, such as protecting cells from DNA damage, eliminating free radicals, boosting your immune system, aiding in digestion and weight loss, and just like green tea, it’s loaded in antioxidants.

White Tea
If you don’t like strong teas, white tea is your best bud. With its light, floral and fresh flavour it’s basically the caffeine-free version of green tea. Packed with antioxidants, and contains the most anticancer properties compared to other types of teas. The go-to tea in the evenings or after dinner.

Oolong Tea
When I’m not into the mood for black tea, Oolong is my second choice. The perfect middle man between black and white tea, Oolong has both the smokiness and the freshness of both teas. It aids in tooth decay, hearth diseases, osteoporosis and lowers cholesterol. And yes, it’s also packed in antioxidants. I love adding dried flowers in my tea as well, where roses and dandelion are my faves because of the smell and skin benefits. What not to love…

Are you a tea person and which type of tea do you always drink?