Just In: Therapi Lemon Myrtle

So with my addiction going on for natural and organic products, I’ve found a new brand that has once again joined my ever-growing family in my beauty cabinet. Therapi is a recently established UK brand that has incorporated honey as a main ingredient in all of their products. And if you have been following me for a while, you do know I luuurve my honey.

With my combination/oily skin, the Lemon Myrtle range sounds like a dream and from my first impressions: it comes darn close to it. Both the Gel Cleanser and Moisturiser smell wonderful, even better than I’d expected. It’s very lemony and zesty, but if you’re not big a fan of lemon scented products, you might like this one too. When you sniff the product itself, you can smell the lemon in it very strongly. However once applied to the skin, it slowly fades away – leaving you behind with a subtle hint of citrus.

Both products are packaged beautifully in a thick glass bottle/tub and are designed very simply, which I love – having dipped my feet in the industry, I can appreciate when packaging is kept low, and that they’ve invested in the product itself. No unnecessary phaff, just being beautiful on it’s own. I have yet to test these as they just arrived, but I slapped on the Moisturiser this morning and have no bad things to say. And their Gel Cleanser? I can sense this to be my go-to morning cleanser as the fragrance of the product is very invigorating, the perfect wake-up call. Did I mention that none of their products contain parabens, SLS, silicones, fragrances, mineral oil and some other nasties? Also, 5% of their profits support bee conversation. This brand is getting better and better…

*butterfly confetti c/o my dearest sister

Have you ever tried anything from Therapi?