Modern Manners

Lately I’ve been really interested in etiquette books and with a shout-out from the girls at Man Repeller, I simply had to get Modern Manners. Written by Dorothea Johnson, the person you need to listen to when talking etiquette and Liv Tyler, Dorothea’s granddaughter. Together they’ve teamed up and written down a little book with all things you ought to know regarding etiquette and manners in modern daily life. It was the cover and the name that grabbed my attention, but the inside is not so bad itself. Not at all…


Besides the beautiful cover, the entire book is well put together – of course what you expect from a duo of etiquette connaisseurs. The best gifts for a party host, which fork to use when and how to dress for formal/B.T./W.T. parties are subjects that are featured in the book with an understandable explanation, making it easy to grasp and understand. Simply expect every little thing you need to know in your daily (professional) life in this nifty book. Accompanied with cute illustrations, do’s and don’ts, anecdotes and short explanations, it’s sure a book to remember. Truth be told, it ain’t that bad to show on your bookshelf either.

What are your thoughts on an etiquette book?