Pai Rosehip Facial Collection

With an unhealthy appetite for anything labeled ‘rosephip’ and ‘facial’ I knew it wouldn’t take long before I had my hands on the Pai Intensive Nourishing Facial Limited Edition Rosehip Collection from their Christmas gift sets. For some it might look odd to give myself a Christmas gift (which I am opening before Christmas even), but I see it as a small yearly treat that I deserve very well. Especially with my hectic schedule for the past two months my skin has been screaming for a proper pamper. And that is just what the Rosehip Collection brings (and more).

For those that are not familiar with Pai yet, they are a London based company that specialises in creating skincare for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. All products are certified organic and completely nasties-free. They are also the first company who disclose their full ingredients list in ‘regular English’, meaning no scientific terms and making it understandable for the average Joe and Betty. See,  skincare ain’t no rocket science. 

The Rosehip Facial Set contains a muslin cloth, the Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil and their limited edition Rosehip BioRegenerate Face Mask. What pushed me to buy the set was definitely the oil, as I’ve heard many great things about it and have always been meaning to buy and try it. So when this set came along, I couldn’t think of a reason not to order it. I’ve been been trying the products out for the past two weeks and results are really showing – my hyper pigmentation spots seem to be less red and have reduced in size a tiny bit.

Rosehip generally is great for all skin types as it improves the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Combined with Trans-Retinoic Acid it’s great for healing the skin and speeding up the renewal of cells. Because it’s a rather nourishing oil, I prefer to use this in the evening so it has time to sink in properly. I love that because it doesn’t contain any mineral oil the product sinks into the skin completely, leaving no film behind – only plump and radiant skin the morning after.

The Face Mask that comes with it is also packed with Rosehip oil. Personally, I haven’t noticed any improvements on my skin while using this (as I think the results I’ve seen are mainly thanks to the Oil), though hydrating wise it does an okay-job. It comes in a tub, which I personally don’t find the most hygienic form for a mask, but there’s nothing a spatula can’t do. The texture I’d describe like a buttery cream, very similar to applying a thick layer of moisturiser on the skin. After 5 – 10 minutes wipe it off with the muslin cloth that comes with it and follow up with the Oil for the perfect pamper. The at-home facial at it’s easiest.

Have you ever tried anything from Pai?