Chanel CC Cream

It’s taken me a while to post about the Chanel CC Cream, simply because I haven’t been using it a lot ever since I got it. Shocker. I love me some Chanel, be it fashion, beauty or lifestyle wise, and all the times I’ve gotten something I’ve been blown away by it, though this time… Not by a long chalk.

Like most double-lettered creams, the CC Cream comes in one, rather light, shade. I could only pull this off when I’m at my very palest in winter and layering would not be an option as it’d make me look very spooky (literally) looking because I’m just accentuating the face and neck difference. I’m between fair-medium, tending towards fair most of the time with a yellow-neutral undertone. Light shades normally are not a big problem on my skin tone, however I found that was a love-hate relationship with the CC cream, especially when my skin started acting up.

Coverage-wise, it doesn’t cover up a whole lot, though it does tone down redness a bit. I’d say it’s perfect for those who like sheer to light coverage products. It doesn’t oxidise throughout the day, which you can see as a good and a bad thing. Although this product is not for me, I did find some positive bits about the product. The texture and consistency are really nice and easy to work into the skin, it contains SPF 30/PA+++ and it smells amazing. The scent slightly reminds me of peaches, just like most Chanel products do. Be sure to test the product first if you’re very sensitive to perfume in cosmetics! Probably what I love the most about the product is the packaging. The sleek white tube with the black cap and the double-C logo… Yep, that works for me.

Have you tried the Chanel CC Cream, what are your thoughts?