New Year, New Resolutions

Happy new year everyone. Thank you so much for still sticking around and hope you’ll have the most wonderful, healthy, fun and prosperous 2014! I know it’s the most cliché post of the entire year, but I thought it’d be nice to reflect upon myself and set some New Year’s resolutions for myself. I took a quick peek of my list from last year, which made me realise I really suck at these. I think I’ve only managed to do two resolutions out of my entire list, which is rather sad. So I will do my best to diligently follow all my resolutions to become a better human being. Okay, well that’s a bit too deep, but you know what I mean.   

Cut back on late nights and maintain regular sleeping hours. Lately I’ve been super tired because of long days and short nights, making me suffer from insomnia quite badly as falling asleep was just the hardest task ever. So to feel more energised and for the sake of my body, this is on top of my list to change this year.

Go to the gym at least twice a week. Despite my busy schedule and being a senior, I find sports a great way to vent and to clear my mind (I love running, it’s the best). Also, I need to tone up and lose weight.

Refrain from buying too much stuff. Especially when browsing online and during sales. Also, refrain from buying shoes, bags, beauty bits, candles and well… Everything except for food.

Spend more time with friends and family. As a result of school work being manic, it’s so hard to meet up with friends and spend time with my family. During this Christmas break I’ve realised that no matter how busy I am, friends and family are there for you and it’s a great way to just take a break, even if you’re just meeting for a coffee or a cuppa tea.

Sit less. This is rather related to my sports resolution. As I am mainly following classes on Uni, studying and writing on the blog, I tend to sit most of the day, which is really unhealthy and I’m feeling the aftermath of it right now. My goal for this year is to take a short break every hour to just stand up and do something else, be it walking, standing, squads or rope skipping.

Save money. Nuff said…

And lastly, not really a resolution, but as I’m in my senior year of Uni, I hope to graduate this summer. So fingers and toes crossed I’ll write a kick ass thesis. Enjoy (what’s left of) your first day of an amazing year to come!

Do you set NY resolutions for yourself and if so, what are your resolutions for the new year?