Something Swedish

It is not a secret I am rather biased towards all things Swedish, they just are totes my style. Simplicity at its best I’d say. So when cult-hair care brand SASCHA JUAN hit the shores and landed a crazy buzz in the beauty community, I had to try something from their range. Not being a diligent hair treatment user, I thought I’d get more bang for my buck when investing in a good Volumnising range. After one bottle of Shampoo and half a bottle of Conditioner, I’ve come to my verdict.

Let’s start off with packaging first: me. likey. a lot. It’s very simplistic — it’s literally a brownish bottle with a white label stuck onto it. Somehow this kind of style just speaks to me and I love it. The bottles are plastic and not too difficult to squeeze the product out. Both the shampoo and conditioner are formulated with they’re so-called Ocean Silk Technology, which involves the extract of valuable proteins and minerals from sea algae, combined with lots of other science talk, which I won’t pretend to understand.

Some shampoos just make your hair feel thicker and more voluminous while you’re washing your hair, and this is definitely one of them. Add a simple blow-dry and your hair is bouncy and full, for the first day that is (I’ll get back to this later). I noticed that my hair gets squeaky clean so I need to pay extra care to my ends and load up on conditioner to prevent them from getting dry, coarse and all tangled up. I’m not too fussed about conditioner normally because my hair doesn’t really need it, but with the Volumnising Shampoo, I have to. Personally their Volumnising Conditioner doesn’t make my heart flutter more or less, it’s just a conditioner that nourishes the hair okay. Truth to be told, any drugstore or other conditioner would do the job just fine.

Although the shampoo did give me some volume to work with, it makes my hair quite greasy the next day, probably because it’s rather drying and my scalp and roots are really sensitive. Something that I overlooked when repurchasing and only realised when they arrived is that the second ingredient in their shampoo is SLS. What can I say… I was a bit overwhelmed with the ‘free shipping’ code I received — I’m a sucker for direct marketing.

It is not the cheapest hair care duo on the market, especially with these results, hence I will not repurchase these two in the future. However, I am keeping an eye on their Ocean Mist, which is supposedly great for adding texture and oomph to fine hair. Although this didn’t really work out for me, their Swedish-ness and gorgeous packaging are still drawing me towards their products, so I’m definitely planning to try something else. Perhaps just not their shampoos and conditioners.

Have you ever tried anything from SASCHA JUAN and what products work for your hair?