A New Start, A New Beginning

Tomorrow is the big day, or well, the day that I will be working again and that I won’t be returning to Uni for at least 5 months. I’m very excited and a tad nervous for my first day, but I’ve met the team last week and they were all such lovely people. So this will be a little update post on the next chapter of my book and I thought it’d be nice to share it. That, and it immediately acts as a diary entry. Score!

I’m not quite sure if I’m allowed to mention the company name where I’ll be writing my thesis for, but this might entertain you: it’s a beauty brand. Not the biggest of all, but certainly not not exciting. I’ll be responsible to write an advice on how to increase brand awareness in the country based upon my own research, which I’m really excited about. A tad scary as every lecturer has been creeping the &ˆ%!@ out of all students and have given us the “you won’t have a social life anymore-” and “it’s gonna be so much tougher than this semester and then you’ll have to do it by yourself-” speeches. If they were trying to motivate us, they certainly have to rethink their strategies as it ain’t working.

I’ll be still living at home, as it’s the easiest solution and I simply don’t want to spend the money to live by myself in a city where 1) I know no one, 2) is completely boring and 3) well… spend lots of money I could save [for Sweden, random things or spontaneous trips within Europe]. Commuting is going to be though, it’s 1,5 hours one way and I’ve got to cycle to the train station, which will take me 15 minutes when I’m fast. I’ll try to push myself to either work on my thesis in the train – which is one of the main reasons I got my iPad – or to read a book, to switch off and relax. Yes, I’m one of those people who relax through reading, no matter how tired I am.

Well, I guess for now this is all I’ve got to share. I’ll try to keep you updated if you’re interested and as usual I’m back tomorrow with the regular beauty ramble. Speak soon!

What’s going to be your next step?