EX1 Cosmetics InvisiWear Liquid Foundation

A foundation that claims to look like it isn’t there, while giving you enough coverage to fake that eau naturel look? Oh yes, count me in. EX1 Cosmetics is a brand specially created for woman of Asian, Middle/Far-Eastern or Mediterranean heritage. I’m at the lighter side of the spectrum, so finding a matching shade has slightly become easier over the years, however I’ve got friends who are medium toned (and Asian) who have slight difficulties with finding matching shades that make them look not too dark and not too fair. If you’re finding yourself in this category, read on. Cause I think I might’ve got something for you.

The EX1 InvisiWear Liquid Foundation has 5 shades to fit a range of skin tones, from fair to medium. I tried the shade 002, which is slightly a tad too dark for me at the moment, but I think I’d be able to pull this off in the summer when I’m tanned. It comes in a lightweight bottle with a pump and is great for dispensing the product. The texture of the foundation is slightly runny, but not in an annoying way and is really smooth and a bliss to apply and blend into the skin. I prefer to use my hands to apply more runny foundations rather than a brush, but both methods work just fine. The foundation definitely falls into the category medium-full coverage, without the cakey-ness and heavy feeling most foundations have.

I’ve tested this on one of my longest days at uni, where I had to leave the house at 8 and returned home at 7 (pm, duh). When I looked in the mirror right before heading home, the foundation still stayed on place, like it was in the morning. Major shocker people. Major. Happy as I was that my foundation didn’t slide off my face, I hopped in my car and headed north (that is home). After the 40 minute drive, I headed to the bathroom to sanitise my hands – yes I’m quite OCD about washing my hands – and noticed in the mirror that my cheeks were occupied by an army of bumps, which weren’t there before and it wasn’t due to bad lighting. 

When I removed my make up, I could clearly see that both cheeks were attacked by uncountable under-the-skin-bumps. I asked for a second opinion (my mum) who confirmed what I saw and agreed that my skin looked just fine before leaving the house.

So, all good things aside from this foundation, do keep a heads up if you’re acne-prone, like yours truly, and try to get a sample first before you buy. If it [the foundation] doesn’t give you any unwanted-nasties on the skin, I’d totally recommend it. The foundation has gorgeous coverage, a natural finish, it’s budget-friendly (less than 15 quid) and it’s oil free. I’m rather sad that my skin is reacting this way and I’m still not quite sure what caused it, especially since they claim its “not pore clogging”. In case you were interested in the ending of my anecdote, after my double cleanse, I immediately had a spoonful of Udo’s Oil and slapped on my 3 step mask like nobody’s business.

Have you ever tried anything from EX1 cosmetics?