Morning Challenge, Accepted

When the lovely Jenn posted a post counting all the products she uses in the morning and kinda indirectly challenged me us to see if we could top her score (in this case it’s the less, the better), the challenge was accepted. A few scribbles further and a “ha, I win” later, this post was born. Not that it was a competition or anything…

Obviously the amount of products I use on a lazy Sunday, where I don’t step a minute out of the house and the only activities I do are reading blogs and watching series, are significantly different. So to keep it all fair and square, I’ve based the number of products I use on a day where I’m headed out and have a full face of make up on. I usually change my skincare routine every (other) day, just because I can —same for make up. The products mentioned are the products I have been using the most in the past few days.

I cleanse my face in the mornings with Oskia Cleansing Balm, and follow up with a few spritzes of La Roche-Posay Serozinc. Once that has sunken into my skin, I continue with the eyes and I’ve been using Kiehl’s Avocado Creamy Eye Cream for the past few days —in case you’d like to know more about my other eye products check out my last post. When I’ve got a blemish (which is often) I use a tiny bit of Aesop Control Gel, which I think is fab as it works under make up. To treat my hyper pigmentation, I use Haruhada Vitamin C Activator, which is a water-based serum and I let that sit for a minute before I finish my skincare routine with AHAVA Active Moisture Gel Cream.

On to the next step, I’ve been using Clarins Ever Matte Foundation mixed with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for the base. Then I go in with Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer for my under-eye area, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer for any spots and dust the concealer off with Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder (both products are in the Undercover pot). I look rather odd without my brows defined, so I fill them in slightly with Pixi Brow Duo and set it with the gel that comes with it. The blush I’ve been reaching out for is Chanel Cream Blush in Affinité, which is a gorgeous poppy pink. It’s very pigmented so a little goes a long way. To finish off my look I’m wearing Clinique Chubby Stick in 35 Chunky Cherry. When I’ve got some time left I add a bit of Phyto 7 to the ends of my hair to nourish my locks. This stuff smells so good.

And that’s my morning routine. I still managed to count a whopping 14 products in my complete routine, which is crazy. I guess this is only slightly less cray than the contents of my make up bag —which exceeded the value that’s in my actual wallet. Well, whatcha waiting for? Top this!

How many products do you use in the morning?