One, Two, Step

Ask around and you’ll know I’m not one to fuss with haircare. Being blessed with easy-going locks, the only thing I do when I wake up is to comb my hair with my fingers and put it in a bun -it stays this way until I arrive at the office and then my hair is just the perfect amount of ‘messy-but-classy’. Recently I’ve been trying out some things for my damaged ends and have added two products to my routine that don’t require much time and effort, but do show pretty darn amazing results.

The reason why I tie my hair up is because usually when I wake up, my hair is rather flat or wavy – the wrong kind. An hour or two tied up in a bun, and it saves my look completely, adding the right amount of oomph. Though when I use PhytoVolume Actif, it sometimes isn’t even needed anymore. It’s a leave-in volumnising spray, specially designed for fine hair so it doesn’t weigh your hair down nor does it feel heavy or gritty. Derived with Keratin Amino Acids and Nasturtium Extract, it lifts the hair up from the root, adding bounce and leaving away the stiffness hairsprays tend to give. A few spritzes on towel-dried/damp hair in the roots, a quick blow dry and va-va-voom hair is yours.

Usually I’m very weary to apply products near my roots, as they tend to get my hair very greasy from the get-go, but Phyto proved me wrong. Volume Actif is weightless and leaves my hair clean, at least until my next wash. I’d compare the effect it gives to texturising sprays, minus the gritty texture and the dirty feeling they give. It’s the best of both worlds, seriously.

Once I’ve finished this step and fully blow-dried my hair, I follow up with Phyto 7 to nourish my ends. Containing 7 natural plant extracts, it’s a silicone free, leave-in balm, specially designed to treat and nourish your locks. It leaves my hair so soft and I’ve noticed less split-ends as well. I use a dollop and rub it on my ends and use my fingers to comb through it. That takes about 30 seconds and then you’re good to go – it doesn’t leave your hair greasy, nor does it weigh your hair down. These products are brilliant on its own, but are simply the best combo your hair could wish for. Voluminous, nourished and soft locks for grabs.

What are your go-to hair products?