Partner in Cream

I kid you not when I say that this little pot of moisture has changed the condition of my skin for better, and that in merely three weeks. Although I do exaggerate from time to time, this time I’m as serious as I can be. You may have noticed that AHAVA is a brand I’ve recently accustomed myself with, and I can tell you this: I am impressed.

AHAVA Active Moisture Gel Cream is their latest addition to the ‘Time to Hydrate’ range and is packed with Kiwi Extracts to revitalize and balance the skin, Flaxseed to add a boost of Omega 3 to strengthen the skin barrier, and Osmoter™. Osmoter is a trademarked ingredient that is in all AHAVA products, and to put it simply, it is a wonder ingredient derived from the Dead Sea, which regulates the hydration balance of the skin and improves the skin.

With claims to plump and moisture the skin for 24 hours, I tried it with doubts. Texture wise it is very similar to Clinique Moisture Surge, but then a bit richer, which you don’t feel on the skin at all (meaning: it is very lightweight, while being a heavy moisture packed goodness). Prior to trying this product my skin was immensely dry, with patches and flakes like nobody’s business. I’d tried everything from layers of oils, to layers of oils with a moisturiser on top —nothing helped. After using the Active Moisture Gel Cream for just 5 days I saw minor improvements already. The flakes seemed to be less flakey (if that makes sense) and my skin felt smoother after the first use. Now, three weeks further, I am completely cured from my dry patches, flakes and my skin is gorgeously plump —like a 20 year old’s skin should be. In combination with my prescribed meds [for acne], the condition of my skin has improved so much, and I feel like I’m near the end of the tunnel.

Ramblings aside, I highly recommend this product for (severely) de-hydrated skin. I usually don’t believe the marketing jargon regarding [enter random number] of hours of hydration, but in this case, I really do. My skin has never been this flake free and I don’t even need the extra serum step to plump my skin. The only pitfall I’ve got is that after application my fingers get a bit sticky from the product —you don’t feel a thing on your face when you wear it underneath make up, but when you wear it on its own you and you touch your face you do feel the product. The science behind is that it leaves a thin film of moisture on the skin that keeps the moisture in your skin, instead of letting it out.

Nonetheless, a great product to wear in the evening or whenever you’re wearing make up. I do feel slightly uncomfortable when I’m just wearing the cream. Although AHAVA claims that it doesn’t use synthetic fragrances in their products, if you’re highly sensitive towards fragrances in your skincare, I do recommend a patch test prior to use, as it does have a subtle fragrance to it (which then fades away as soon as you put it on your skin). This has become my go-to (and only) day-time moisturiser and thus my partner in cream. It’s you and me, baby.

What’s your go-to moisturiser?