Give it a Shot

Throughout the years I’ve tried so many different spot treatments that I lost the count or I should say I just didn’t care anymore. I’ve tried everything from cult to drugstore to bloody darn expensive and only a handful made the cut and are still in my stash. As greedy and curious as I am, I always have to find the next best thing, even if something is working for me. This time I’ve found something that’s 100% natural and it is packaged in a freaking syringe. Yeah, I had to give it a shot (pun intended).

B2Beauty is a UK skincare brand that is inspired by Buddhistic teachings, Chinese medicine and cutting-edge science. All products are based on a holistic approach and are free from all bad stuff. Their Sknrg Pro Clear Complex aids in reducing inflammation on a spot and soothing it, whilst repairing the skin. The entire Sknrg Pro range is based on the properties from bee hives and cultivated botanical complexes.

Clear Complex contains Vitamin rich botanicals which slowly, but gently reduce the size of the blemish and with Bee Hive properties it repairs the skins matrix. Hyaluronic Acid moisturises the skin, so you don’t have to be afraid to be left with flaky bits. I’ve tested this for a few weeks now, and it isn’t one of the most fast acting spot removers that zap everything away, but it is very gentle for the skin. In the end I find that the most important factor in choosing spot treatments, as obviously don’t want to damage my skin barrier. Definitely recommended when you’re looking for a good, healthy and organic alternative.

What are your thoughts on the Sknrg Pro Clear Complex?