What I’ve Been Loving (February 2014)

This month passed by both fast and very slow at the same time. If you’ve been reading my posts from this month, you will have seen that I started another chapter in my life, in order to close another. I’ve concluded my first month as a trainee/graduate at my company and boy, this month was a lot of work. I’m sure it will only get harder on me, but my colleagues are lovely folks and in the end I’m doing it for me. This month’s favourites are a mishmash of random things that have dragged me through the past few weeks and showed me the silver lining.

OSKIA Renaissance Gel Cleanser
I’ve been using this cleanser day and night, because it’s brilliant. The name is rather misleading, as it might look like a gel, but once you massage it into your skin, it feels and acts like an oil. Packed with gorgeous ingredients such as Vitamin A, C and E, as well as Fruit Enzymes making it nourishing for the skin and adding radiance immediately post-wash. Add a bit of water to it and it emulsifies into a milky consistency. I like to use lukewarm water to wash this off, but feel free to use a muslin cloth or flannel if that has your preference. Once you’re done, I doubt your skin has looked (nor felt) better. The cleanser to go for when you need something hassle-free, effective and that will leave your skin smooth and radiant.

Rather a random pick, but as I’ve been commuting it’s been in my bag every day. I use it mainly to jot down blog ideas or blog posts or add things to my never-ending to-do list. I’m not quite sure where it’s from, as I got this from one of my friends as a Christmas present. She knows me very well to gift me stationary (I luurve stationary) and something that’s pretty. The text “Think. Write. Create.” couldn’t be more spot on. Ah, and to go with the notepad, I, of course, always carry a pen or two around. Just in case.

AHAVA Active Moisture Gel Cream
Featured not too long ago on my blog, I’ve seriously slapped this cream on twice a day, every day in the first 2,5 weeks of the month – it is that good. I won’t repeat myself twice, but having suffered from seriously flaky skin and flaky spots (big sigh) nothing worked, no matter how beautiful the products were. After only a few days of wearing it, I saw minor improvements. By the time the week ended, my severely de-hydrated skin had quenched its thirst and now there ain’t no flake on my face. I swear I’m not being paid to say this.

AHAVA Dermud Intensive Hand Cream
I’m a hand cream freak, and I got this recommended by my colleague at the office —I haven’t used anything else on my hands since. It is perfect for dry and sensitive hands and contains minerals sourced from the Dead Sea. It’s all nasties-free and keeps my hands moist for so long. Although it doesn’t smell the best, it works so well and I couldn’t recommend this enough. In fact, I’ve gotten my mum, sister and aunt one tube each. It’s been my desk-staple for the past few weeks and besides it great moisturising properties, it is absorbed by the skin almost instantly, so you won’t have to tap away with sticky fingers.

Another bit that has been featured quite recently on the blog, which is what I’ve been using on and off in the past few months and have been using it quite regularly in the last week of February. I know it is not marketed as a beauty moisturiser, or heck, not even a face moisturiser, but it works for me this way. I squeeze out an amount as big as a pound coin and apply it on my face. There isn’t a particular way how I apply it – I just rub it on. The scent is rather particular (it makes me think of nature) and as it’s a rather thin cream, it is a gem to blend onto the skin. When I wake up, I always end up smirking, as my face just looks less red and irritated when I wear this. Not kidding.

Stila Color Me Pretty Blush Palette
Which was a big hit during Christmas time, became a big hit to me in February. I’ve always been intrigued with the blushes and kind of fell in love with them this month. It’s nearly been the only things I’ve been wearing on my cheeks, which then again isn’t that difficult as it is packed with 4 different shades and 1 highlighter. My favourites have been Gerbera, Petunia and Rose. All three are very different colours, yet they are similar in their opacity, creaminess and longevity. I do my make up at 7.30 (am) and when I get home at 8 (pm) my cheeks still have a flush of colour. Booyah.

What have you been loving this month?