Expect The Unexpected

I know I’ve been dropping hints that I’m shaking up things here at 9 out of ten a bit. Nothing too crazy, but layout out wise I’ve been changing minor bits and content wise there will be some changes as well. I’m using this post as a round up to show you what you can expect to see on the blog the coming weeks.

To start off, there will be a few new features you can look forward to. ‘Note to Self‘ will consist out of small ramble posts, updates or quotes —think, “A Penny For Your Thoughts” and “Weekend Wish List” kind of posts. In a week or two, ‘The Five’ will roll out, a feature that is simply featuring five things that are somehow related to each other. Yes, I realise it sounds rather vague and sketchy, but I promise you’ll like it. It’s been a few weeks now since I started ‘The Bookshelf‘, which I’ve really been enjoying writing myself. It’s also motivated me to read more books for me to write about and share with you guys. I’m so happy lots of you also enjoy reading my thoughts on the books and literature recommendations —do send some my way too! Keep you eyes peeled for some really cool food books that you must own, but more on this later.

And as it’s officially Spring now, I’ve planned some Spring make up look features that should fit everyone’s taste. It’s been a while since I’ve written a make up look feature, so I’m really excited what you guys think of it. Obviously I’m far from a (professional) MUA, so don’t take it all too seriously.

Hopefully you’ve noticed some changes with regards to the design of the blog and I do hope you like it. I’m trying to change things bit by bit so please bear with me when something looks a bit odd. I’ve also been trying to find my touch in photography and I’m still searching for ‘my style’ and experimenting with different angles and ideas. Do let me know what you think of the images, as in the end, I hope you’re as excited and happy about the outcome of the pictures as me.

More posts will be headed your way and be sure to check back every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the occasional Sunday for a new post. I’m really busy with finishing my research for my thesis and writing an advice and implementation plan the coming months, so I’ll do my best to juggle both and provide lots of content on my blog. If there’s anything you’d like to read or see: sharing is caring.