RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up Concealer (see my Cult Beauty Haul) and I can report back that it’s exceeded my expectations. Honestly I wasn’t expecting to like this very much and was rather skeptical. An organic concealer with medium coverage, and lasting power? Yeah, right… Like those exist. Well, now I know they actually do.

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up is mainly based on Coconut Oil, which was one of the main reasons which made me a bit anxious. Coconut Oil is very well known for its anti inflammatory properties, but it’s also very nourishing, and because of the big molecules, it can cause break outs —depending on your skin. After having tried this for around four weeks now, over a variety of different bases, I can say with confidence that it gives a good bang for your buck. £28 doesn’t make it the most affordable concealer out there, but one that works, and is not harming for the body —those are hard to come by.

The texture is creamy and very easy to blend in, however once blended into the skin it looks like skin and the finish is normal to matte. Believe me when I say it’s got medium coverage, which is highly buildable. Any redness, blemishes, scarring or hyper pigmentation is gone before you know it. Because of the Coconut Oil, it’s nourishing and doesn’t cling on any unflattering bits of skin. I’ve got combination-oily skin and most concealers slip away during the day – UCUC lasted on my skin for around 7-8 hours, without powder.

Because of the creamy texture I use my fingers to blend in, which I find way easier than using a brush. But this is just personal preference. It’s unscented and comes in a glass screw cap jar. The only bad thing I’ve got to say about this, is that the shade range is rather limited with only 5 shades – I’ve got 22, in case you’re wondering. Besides this, I’ve literally got no bad things to say about this. Other than that I understand why Miranda Kerr loves this. The girl knows her stuff.