The Easter Bunny Arrived

Happy Easter y’all! I hope you’re all spending today with your family, friends and beloved ones. Easter is one of those holidays I really enjoy as its one of those days I allow myself to rest and pamper away. What better to do that with the always amazing (and sometimes slightly overwhelming) smelling LUSH bath goodies.

Their seasonal launches are my absolute faves, as they always come up with cute bath and body products, which just make a smile appear on my face. Their Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars were very tempting, mainly because of their bright colours, sweeping fragrances and adorable shapes.

Yes, I might’ve gotten a tad too many bath products for one person, but hey, what can I say… I think my personal faves are the Rose Bubble Bar —roses, pink and glitter… need I say more? Tulip From Amsterdam —my fave flower, my hometown, and Bunch of Carrots. Not only is it reusable, it’s literally a bunch of carrots. Boy, do I love some humour in my beauty products.