The Best Base Coat, Ever?

And the prize to the most mentioned base coat goes to… CND Stickey Base Coat. CND being one of the top professional nail polish brands, I didn’t doubt a second that I didn’t need it. Yep, that’s right. Quite a few moons ago I headed onto eBay and treated myself to a 1+1 and finally was able to try it myself. And for starters: it’s not what you think it is, at all.

So to clarify the previous statement: being named a stickey base coat, I expected it to be, well… sticky and difficult to apply and rather gloopy in the pot. Thank goodness, it is none of the above at all and it’s really easy to apply. Despite the blue tinge in the bottle, it applies clear and remains a teeny bit sticky for the next step.

As all base coats, it prevents peeling, chipping and staining, and with the base coat being a ‘sticky’ one, it claims to ‘hold’ the polish better. Sadly for me, I haven’t really noticed that my polishes lasted longer on my nails when wearing the Stickey Base Coat as opposed to the other base coats I’ve tried in the past. I will be definitely using up my stash – I got 2 bottles of it after all. However, this most probably will not be in my “to be repurchased” list. Sigh. The never ending quest to the best base coat ever continues…