What I’ve Been Loving (May 2014)

May has been a bit of a crazy month for me and it kinda passed without me noticing. I had a deadline mid May, so I was focusing on my thesis until that date and kinda forgot about anything else. Well, let’s just say there wasn’t enough space left in my mind to think about other matters. The rest of the month you say? Well, I had 5 joyous days of relaxing, writing blog posts, catching up on my fave blogs and tv shows (the latter I’m still working on) and then I got pulled back into the real world and have been working on the report ever since. Why I’m telling you this? Gosh, I actually don’t know and kinda got carried away while tapping away. Albeit being immersed in my school work, I could not not satisfy my inner beauty junkie, of course.

OSKIA Rennaissance Cleansing Gel
I’ve been obsessed with this cleanser ever since I bought this, but this month I’ve been using it consecutively for a longer period to see what good it had to offer to my skin. This is hands down one of the best cleansers I’ve tried so far. The product name is very misleading, as it looks like a gel, but it melts in an oil as soon as you massage it onto the skin. I prefer to use this as my second cleanse and use it twice a day. It doesn’t leave an oily film on the skin and is packed with gorgeous, natural ingredients. I either take the cleanser off with a cloth or just with (lukewarm) tap water.

REN Centifolia Hot Cloth Cleanser
As a first cleanse, I either go for my trusty oil make up removers or this number here. Not only is this immensely nourishing, it removes all make up very well. It contains Vitamin P, which decongests, Cocoa Seed Butter cures moisture loss and Damask Rose Petals relieve and soothe the skin. The texture is a thick cream, which is a dream to slather on the skin. I’m very generous when it comes to applying this and just slowly massage it on my face in circular motions. The cloth that comes with it is very soft though perhaps a bit on the small side, it does the job just fine. Actually, way more than fine. 

Heaven Skincare Clarifying Peppermint Toner
I’m completely new to Heaven Skincare and this is my first encounter with their products, and I have to say —I’m truly impressed. Known for their Bee Venom inspired products, their Clarifying Toner is great for those who suffer from spots. The spritz is not the kind that you can directly spray on the skin, so I just spritz it on a cotton pad and then sweep it all over my face. If needed, I then go back with another cotton pad to dab it on any whiteheads, big or emerging spots on my face. Normally I don’t believe in clarifying toners, but I’ve really seen great improvements in the condition of my skin and it clears up the under-the-skin-bumps and whiteheads really well.

NARS Satin Lip Pencils
If you have seen my spring make up looks, you might’ve spotted me rocking some of these babies on my lips (here and here). Usually I don’t wear bright and bold lip colours on a regular day, but these are so easy to maintain that I simply had to. They appear slightly glossy on the lips, but once they’ve set, it stays on forever. I had my lemon water, soup, salad and avocado (don’t judge my lunch habits, please), and guess what? It stayed on like a baby. Without eating I think it’ll last around 6-8 hours without touch ups and it über comfy to wear. My recent favourites have been Yu, Luxembourg and Golshan, which are all three very striking, bold colours. Dare I say it, a bright red/pink lip might become my statement pout very soon…