I’m baaaaaack!

This must’ve been one of the shortest hiatuses ever, but it was a brief but effective break and I come bearing with more exciting news! In a nutshell: I graduated this week, got my Bachelor’s [of Arts] degree, am finishing up my [current] traineeship at AHAVA next Monday and will start an internship/new project immediately at a yet-to-be-launched super chic fair trade beauty brand. Productivity sides with the busy, eh?

I’ll be resuming my regular posting schedule soon (expect a new post tomorrow in fact) and have some cool features in mind, which will appear over the course of the coming months. Besides that, I’ll continue with minor layout improvements of the blog, so please bear with me when something is looking funky or not functioning properly.

Aaaand, yes… That’s it for today. As soon as I know more about my next project, you guys will be the first to know and I promise you’ll want to.