New Reads

I’m a big tech and digital lover, but for somethings, the oldies are the goldies. Magazines, for example, are just objects that are supposed to be there, stacked on my bedside table —the old fashioned way. When I missed my second [train] connection the other day, I hopped into a bookshop and some magazines caught my eye that I had never spotted before. I picked them up, rushed to the till and here I am, sharing my story. It’d be selfish not to.

The Travel Almanac, a publication I’d never heard of before, is more than your average travel mag.Not only does the exterior look incredibly cool, the inside is made of that cool, recycled paper that has that slight ‘new book’ scent to it (which I love). Besides getting the full kudos style wise, they aren’t lacking the slightest in the writing department. All pieces are truly interesting and accompanied by simple and top notch photography. It has the greatest interviews with really interesting people who I’d never had heard of (that could be my ignorance as well). Surprisingly, there is almost no advertisement to be spotted, providing more space for content and meaning you get a true bang for your buck.

When I spotted Apartamento on the tills (image above), I knew I had to get this. Dubbed as “an everyday life interiors magazine”, it’s all I really needed to know really. At first glance, you wouldn’t notice any advertisements, but when you start reading the magazine, you can see that all the ads are so carefully picked, that they are just so in sync with the concept and style and it actually fits so well. The features are all interior related and are very cleverly written, accompanied by many bright and appetising visuals and images for the eye —it’s a wonder I hadn’t discovered this earlier.

These are definite coffee table keepers, and the only thing I regret, is that I only discovered the magazines now. Better sooner than later, eh?