Weekend Wish List #10

Besides my Sephora wish list from last week, I thought I’d entertain you with another list of beauty cravings. When I’ll ever stop? Probably never, until you threaten to pull my hair out. Where that came from? Don’t even ask.

Not only does it look luxurious and expensive, the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm is packed with ingredients that remove impurities without stripping the skin. Hungarian Moor Mud does not only make it appear black, it contains very high levels of calcium and magnesium which aid to cleanse and detoxify the skin, leaving the skin soft and radiant.

Continuing on the skincare part, Institut Esthederm has really conquered my heart and gotten my full attention. Currently my skin has become so much better and cleared up a lot. With the weather becoming warmer, their Pure Control Care sounds brilliant. It claims to normalise sebum production, eliminate impurities and blackheads and boost the skin’s cellular activity. And you know what, although Eau Cellulaire Cellular Water Spray sounds too good to be true, I’m willing to sacrifice myself for the group. And hey, if it works, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Basically, they managed to replicate the water found in our skin, which makes it work like an ‘energy bomb’, to restore freshness, radiance and vitality. Sounds like a perfect addition to my handbag.

Body wise, their Photo Cellular Care Adaptasun Sensitive Skin Tanning Body Lotion caught my eye and not because the name is so ridiculously long. It is a sunscreen, but doesn’t contain a SPF. However, it protects your skin from burning, sun damage and makes it possible to get a healthy tan. I will be going on holidays this year to a rather sunny place, so this will definitely be of use.

I’ve always been a fan of those white, almost-Tipex nails, despite my friends’ astonishment. However, I haven’t been able to rock this look for years, as quite frankly, they all got chunky and simply yuck after a few uses. Essie Blanc seems to prove me otherwise and I’ve seen gorgeous mani’s after mani. White nails look gorgeous when you’ve got a bit of a tan, so I see this becoming my summer staple. And for those days where I want my nails with a natural look, OPI Samoan Sand looks like the polish to rock. Thanks Celina for recommending it!

If you’re a bit into the fashion scene (or when you like Mc Donalds), you must’ve got word of Jeremy Scott’s debut Moschino line. I don’t care what everyone says: I think he’s bloody darn brilliant. Sure there are things where I’m raising my eyebrow at, but in the end he did create immense buzz around his show and numerous celebrities and notable fashion people have been spotted wearing the key pieces from this collection. My pick? I’d love to have that French Fry Phone Case. Just because it’s fun and maybe because it’s nearly sold out everywhere. Your pick. Ah, and while we’re at it, one serving of the Quilted Red Bag, too. Pretty please.