Fresh Flowers in a Spritz

If I’ve learned something during my Luxury Brand Management classes I took two years ago (in Paris, whoop!) is that Grasse is the place to be to hunt down noses. Now I don’t mean choosing an image for a nose job, but I’m talking about genius people who create fragrances for the general public. Right, noses —le nez, like we’d say during class. Enough about facial features, as today I’m sharing my favourite home scent brand… ever? People, meet Ancienne Ambiance.

I got so into my introduction, I completely forgot the actual point of talking about facial parts. So yes, noses, Grasse, France, fragrances… Right. All Ancienne Ambiance fragrances are formulated in Grasse, which is dubbed the Capital of Fragrances and has nurtured many infamous noses whom are working for cult fragrance brands —think Annick Goutal, Frederic Malle, Robert Piguet, etc. The brand is completely natural and organic, so it doesn’t toxify your room and you won’t be inhaling any bad or dangerous toxins when burning their candles or spritizing their room scents.

Their Persia Room Spray is by far my absolute room scent to date. It is blended using Red Rose and Jasmine, which happen to be two of the most prized florals of the ancient world. The name ‘Persia’ actually comes from the fact that many Persian kings shared it amongst their court and concubines. It shows that Persians aren’t only on top of their carpet-game, but know their stuff when talking fragrances.

Not only do you need very little (one spritz is more than enough for my 8m2 room), each use simply changes the ambiance of a room completely —taking you on a trip from a stale boring room to Jardin de Luxembourg (or your preferred rose garden). Most room scents can be very overwhelming and overpowering (think fragrance-explosion), and I’m not sure what Ancienne Ambiance did, but they did it well. The scent is strong from the beginning, but subtly blends in the air and leaves the room smelling darn good for a good part of the day.