Jet, Set, Go

Summer holidays have always been my fave, as it meant lounging all day with friends, barely doing anything and going on a (short) trip. Whilst that has been quite consistent over the years, this year it’s a bit different as I’m an official postgrad now and am having a full schedule because of it. That being said, I’m finally going on my long awaited getaway, which’ll be a short city trip to Lisbon, Portugal. Vamos!

The past year has been very hectic and I’ve actually longed for a short trip, somewhere outside the country borders, to leave ‘reality’ and just take a break. Lisbon seems like the perfect city break, as it as great touristy spots, an impeccable view (from what I can sense from Google Images), the urban-ness of a city (which I love) and it’s just a (few) train stops away from the beach. It’s been absolutely ages since I visited a beach, not including the rocky beach in Brighton, so I’m super excited.

As the eldest daughter of the family, and a complete organisation freak for that matter, the task to plan the itinerary was automatically for me. A few late nights spent spitting through Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor and a travel guide, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea where I want to go and the places I want to visit. Do tell, when you know some Lisbon insider spots, I’d love to know! I’ll try to make as many beautiful pictures as I can and do post after I return from my trip. I’ll only be gone for 4 days and I’ll pre-schedule posts today for the coming week so you won’t have to miss me too much. 😉