My Summer Jam

Although I can’t really say I’m a music connoisseur, I do love my jams. My music preference is kind of broad, some might think I’m a complete whacko, and even though I don’t have a specific genre I must listen to [in Summer], I did caught myself shuffling a few albums on repeat for weeks now.

X by Ed Sheeran
There literally isn’t a single song I don’t love in this album. It’s been on repeat for I don’t even know how long and it’s just the perfect combination of songs to doze off, relax, recharge and to just simply enjoy the music.
Favourite track(s): Sing, I See Fire, Don’t, Take It Back

Sheezus by Lily Allen
I was one of the people who were devastated when Lily Allen announced her retirement a few years ago. I mean… who didn’t?! Her comeback album is just everything I’d hope it’d be and beyond. Sheezus is quite frankly a parody on Kanye [West]’s Jeezus and songs have to be taken with a hint of irony. Personally I find it a compilation of witty lyrics with regards to the current Pop scene and great beats to listen to.
Favourite track(s): Hard Out Here, Air Balloon, URL Badman, As Long As I Got You

Same Trailer Different Park – Kacey Musgraves
I accidentally discovered her in an iTunes Radio playlist curated by John Mayer and it was love at first tune. Before Musgraves, I’d never listened to Country music before and it wasn’t a genre I paid attention to at all. However, this all changed after getting her entire album and I’ve been hooked on Country music ever since. I personally love listening to Country music in the morning, to start my day or when I’m trying to sleep in my morning commute.
Favourite track(s): Follow Your Arrow, Marry Go ‘Round, Dandelion, Blowin’ Smoke

BEYONCÉ by Beyoncé
How can you not love Queen Bee? I grew up with Destiny’s Child songs and Crazy In Love blasting from the speakers and have never lost that part of me. I’m a bit late with the love for her latest album, but it’s a Bee I hadn’t heard before but is still her. Does that even make sense? Her latest album is an amazing mix of pop music that is exploring the borders and very deep – both in meaning [of lyrics] and tunes.
Favourite track(s): Blow, Pretty Hurts, XO

Lights Out by Ingrid Michaelson
Another accidental discovery through iTunes Radio and boy am I happy I listened. Lights Out is the perfect music to play when you want to get a boost of energy. All tracks are energising yet relaxing, perfect to play when you’re waking up or trying to keep your cool during rush hour.
Favourite track(s): Stick, Afterlife, Girls Chase Boys, Home